I am a PhD candidate (ABD) at Columbia University and my area of specialization is ancient philosophy, in particular ethics and moral psychology. I am writing a dissertation entitled Happiness and Superlative Value in the Eudemian Ethics. In my work, I investigate the questions of what motivates people to act and of what contributes to a good life. While working within the framework of Aristotle’s ethical theory, I also aim to find out how Aristotelian ideas contribute to contemporary debates in ethics and how they may help us come up with new ideas. In particular, I argue that in the Eudemian Ethics Aristotle ascribes specific roles in motivation to the good, the beautiful and the pleasant. I am especially interested in how Aristotle conceives of pleasure in a good life. As I aim to demonstrate, he thinks that pleasure, if pursued in the right ways, contributes to virtue and thereby to the happy life.

Though my dissertation focuses on the Eudemian Ethics, I also have research interests in the Nicomachean Ethics as well as in Plato’s Symposium and Philebus. More generally, I want to get clear about the ethical-cum-aesthetic notion of kalon in Plato and Aristotle, and about the nature of desire and emotions in ancient thought. I also have a great interest in Latin and Greek literature in general, and especially in ways in which ancient poets contribute to cosmological thought. I have recently worked on the notion of the sublime in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura, on which I published an article.